RAVICTI® – administration1

These are the instructions you will give to your patients.

  • RAVICTI® (glycerol phenylbutyrate) should be taken with meals and administered directly into the mouth via an oral syringe
  • RAVICTI may also be administered by a nasogastric or gastrostomy tube for those patients unable to take the product by mouth

Pack contents
Each unit of RAVICTI contains a glass bottle and a plastic, child-resistant cap with integrated syringe insert. It does not require any special storage conditions. 

RAVICTI broscher

Patient brochure

Download and print for your patients.

Ravicti instruktioner 1


Open the bottle of RAVICTI by
pushing down on the cap and
twisting to the left. 

Ravicti instruktioner 2


Place the tip of the oral syringe
into the integrated insert in the bottle. 

Ravicti instruktioner 3


Turn the bottle upside down with the oral syringe still inserted. 

Ravicti instruktioner 4


Fill the oral syringe by pulling the plunger back until the syringe is filled with the amount of RAVICTI liquid that your doctor has told you to take.
If possible, use the oral syringe ml size that is nearest to (but not smaller than) the recommended dose (for example, if the dose is 0.8 ml, use a 1 ml oral syringe). Pull the plunger slowly. This will help keep large air bubbles from forming in the medicine.
Ravicti instruktioner 5


Tap the oral syringe to remove air bubbles, making sure you have filled it with the correct amount of liquid.  

Ravicti instruktioner 6


Swallow the liquid from the oral syringe or attach the oral syringe to a gastrostomy or nasogastric tube. 


Important note: Do not add or stir RAVICTI into larger volumes of liquid such as water or juice as RAVICTI is heavier than most liquids. Mixing RAVICTI with large volumes of liquid may result in you not getting the full dose.


RAVICTI can be added to a small amount of soft foods, such as yoghurt, medical formulas, apple sauce or squash puree. 


If the volume of your oral syringe is smaller than your prescribed dose, you will have to repeat these steps to get your full dose. Use one oral syringe for all doses taken each day. 


After you take your full dose, have a drink of water to make sure no medicine is left in your mouth, or flush the gastrostomy or nasogastric tube with 10 ml of water using a new oral syringe. The syringe used to flush the gastrostomy or nasogastric tube shall not be used for measuring the dose of RAVICTI to avoid introduction of water into the medicine. 


Close the bottle by screwing
on the cap.


Important note: Do not rinse the oral syringe between daily doses as the introduction of water causes RAVICTI to degrade. If RAVICTI gets in contact with water, the liquid will become cloudy in appearance. Store bottle and oral syringe in a clean, dry place between doses. 


Discard the oral syringe after the last dose of the day. Do not re-use the oral syringe for measuring the dose of RAVICTI on another day.


Remaining unused syringes should be kept for use with another bottle. Each bottle should be discarded after 14 days.

1. Summary of Product Characteristics RAVICTI.