RAVICTI® - long term ammonia control for all ages

RAVICTI® (glycerol phenylbutyrate) is a treatment used to treat patients of all ages with UCDs. The medicine is used to reduce the amount of ammonia in the blood in order to reduce the risk of neurological consequences.1 RAVICTI is an oral liquid, which means it´s taken by mouth. It is usually taken 3* times a day by oral syringe in equal doses. It must be used with dietary protein restriction and, in some cases, dietary supplements.1

RAVICTI is indicated for use as adjunctive therapy for chronic management of patients with urea cycle disorders (UCDs) – who cannot be managed by dietary protein restriction and/or amino acid supplementation alone – including deficiencies of:1

  • carbamoyl phosphate-synthase-I (CPS)
  • ornithine carbamoyltransferase (OTC)
  • argininosuccinate synthetase (ASS)
  • argininosuccinate lyase (ASL)
  • arginase I (ARG)
  • ornithine translocase deficiency hyperornithinaemia-hyperammonaemia homocitrullinuria syndrome (HHH)


  • approved for all ages, including from newborn1
  • designed to enable slow release of phenylbutyrate into the circulation1
  • the only UCD treatment that has been shown to provide sustained ammonia control in both short term (2 weeks) and long-term (12 months) in prospective studies1
  • sodium and sugar free1
  • designed to facilitate easy administration and adherence to treatment
    • nearly tasteless and odourless oral liquid2
    • convenient low volume dosing 3* times daily1

1. Summary of Product Characteristics RAVICTI.
2. Diaz GA et al. Hepatology. 2013;57:2171–2179.

* Depending on patients feeding schedule (dose should be divided into equal amounts and given with each meal or feeding, e.g. 3-6 times per day).